"Off the Wall" - Vans

Fuck It, Shit Happens.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley! nuff said :)

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What’s Love Like | Q

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Internet Love Song (Break-Up Edition)

Dedicated to everyone that just got out of a long distance relationship, or any relationship really. The follow up to my biggest hit.

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If I could Google to find a way
To bring you back to me
I’d go yahoo, remake you my boo
Within a second or two
If I messaged, would you read it
Please don’t delete it
I can’t say it to your face
If I post it up on AIM
That I’m going insane
Would it
Just mean nothing? I’m gonna

Poke you cause I miss you
Like you, I still do
Reblog everything that reminds me of us
I hope you get the hint
If you don’t get it yet
I’m tryina say I want you back with the use of the internet
This is my internet love song
Break up edition
I’m still in love with you oh

You wouldn’t be forever alone
If you just got back with me
What am I trying to say
LOL lots of love
GTG gotta yet you back
SHMH … You still have my heart
I know I’m trying hard but what do you expect
If something’s wrong with your heart, you gotta make it correct

Every song every post
Like to send you a note
That my heart never left
You’re still checked in my head
Know I needed my space
But I don’t wanna face
Another day
Without you…



Whoa, this hella tripped me out. Whoa.


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One Woman A Cappella Disney Medley

86 days, 30+ looks/characters, 13 main songs, 13 “quoted” songs, 1 month to edit, recorded and edited by herself. Make up and costumes done by herself.

This has got to be one of the MOST incredible things I have ever set my eyeballs on…if you don’t watch this you are a fool.

This is the best…





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Who’s down? ;D


Who’s down? ;D

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